Beat Walker

“How do we take an everyday activity and make it even better for the average user?” Exploring the symbiotic relationship between walking and the music listening experience, Beat Walker is currently a prototype for enhancing a simple everyday activity.

The current technological components of this project are:

  • Arudino Uno
  • MP3 Shield
  • Flex Sensor


The code for this project tracks the number of steps in comparison to time to create a steps per minute equivalency to BPM (beats per minute) and then plays a suggested song to match the users walking tempo. Whether the user is having a slow, sad day or experiencing a burst of physical energy, using the physical manifestation of mood to mirror user tastes is key.

Next Steps

  • Connecting the hardware with a service such as Spotify or iTunes Radio to provide users with a larger and more accessible library of songs
  • Using an accelerometer instead of flex sensor