Instructions for Strangers

About Project: Major Studio 1 (w/ Anthony Deen)

Instructions for Strangers:

The premise of the project was to create a user experience that was so intuitive and relatable in the human experience, it needed no instructions for any user to participate successfully.


Terricka Johnson, Chieh-Ping Chen, Xianghan Ma, Audrey Fox


Washington Square Park

A major tourist destination, Washington Square Park not only provides a multitude of unsuspecting user testers, but is also probably one of the most photographed destinations in the city.

Through exploring the use of photography in such a space, we wanted to create the optimum picture taking experience for users, taking into account architecture, time of day and sunlight angles


Initial Steps

After observing the park and noticing where the most pictures were being taken, we also measured and diagramed the sun’s position throughout the day to ensure our project was in exactly the correct spot for installation time



We chose to design our collateral in the color red to make sure the eye-popping color attracted as much attention as possible in a park with a lot of grey and green scenery.

We also chose to use imagery that was universal in nature:

  • Footprints to represent where to stand
  • An arrow to represent direction