Thesis: Prototype 1

First prototype for thesis. I gutted the cartridges of a 3M mask and replaced them with speakers to emulate the sonic structure of stereo sound. I also hooked these speakers up to mini-synth board modules that I found. This mashing together of parts allowed me get a feel for how large this mask would have to be and how tough it would be to put together (more about my process below)

Other findings:

  • I would like to implant a micro phone in the front portion of the mask. It’s the perfect spot and creates a really good chamber for the sound to bounce directly to the microphone
  • Maybe it might be hard to place an electronic instrument on the face of a person
  • Design: This is a lot of stuff to fit on one mask. I will probably want to speed up figuring out the technology for this project so that I can spend the latter portion of the year focusing of the aesthetics and physical design


Notes for next iteration:

  • Music production or music listening? For my next iteration I will experiment with music listening. I believe this will help lighten the load on the mask while also retaining music as a key component of this project.



  • Removed the cartridges from the side of the mask
  • Traced and cut templates for the cartridge shape to later mount on to the mask in replacement of the cartridges
  • Mounted speakers onto the template cut outs and taped closed the cartridge area with the clear plastic cover
  • Connected speakers to synth-modules