Thesis: Prototype II

For this iteration of my prototype I wanted to focus on the music listening experience (see post Thesis: Prototype I)

Instead of hooking up synths, I have hooked up an arduino connected to an mp3 shield to my next iteration of the mask (also works with iPhone/any phone!)


  • The mask was way lighter without the synths. Good call! I like the music listening experience better and think it ties more into my narrative rather than actual music production. How does music make us feel, in alone and shared listening experiences?

Notes for next iteration:

  • Let’s get connected! I think I am ready to experiment with implementing a raspberry pi/bluetooth instead of the arduino. I would love to connect 2 or more of these devices together and play music/speech over them


  • Gutted the cartridges of another 3M mask
  • Implanted mini 8-ohm speakers on to the surface of the mask, replacing where the cartridges once were.
  • Hacking into an 8mm audio auxiliary cord and separating the red, green (left and right sound) and blue (ground) lines
    • Also used a lighter to burn the coating enamel off the wires so that I could solder onto them and get a good connection
  • After placing the speakers into the mask, I soldered the connection lines of the speaker to corresponding lines of the auxiliary cord
    • Tip: I also placed tape around each of the wires after soldering just to make sure the connections never touched even though being packed into such a tight space
  • Loaded songs onto mp3 shield for playback over the arduino (not necessary. The hookup also works by simply plugging the aux cord into a phone or audio input)
  • Success!