Training Wheels

Training Wheels is a mobile application developed for connecting cyclists to their community with social, economic and even civic considerations.

Through connecting cyclists to each other, local bicycle shops and community-based organizations, Training Wheels seeks to create a more powerful and informed community of riders focused on fostering social connections.


Through Training Wheels users are able to:

  • Add friends and view their locations
  • Find convenient or frequented routes
  • Find local shops and leave reviews for their favorites
  • And find community rides for social gatherings via a community calendar updated by local shops and organizations

Using Google Maps, users are able to see the locations of their friends who are close and interested in sharing a ride with a friend.

In the case of an emergency flat or just in case the user is in need of a new bike light, Training Wheels provides a list of the closest bike shops, allowing bikers to follow their passions while supporting local businesses.